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One of the biggest bus and coach companies in Estonia, Go Bus offers its clients comfortable, safe and quality transport services. Our modern buses and coaches and experienced drivers service passengers every day in Estonian counties and cities and on routes between counties. We also offer charter services in Estonia and abroad. In addition to Estonian residents and organisations, major foreign tour operators number among our clients. Contact us – we will take you where you need to go!

The main area of activity of AS GoBus is passenger transport by coaches. Our additional activities in 2013 were maintenance and repair of vehicles, sale of advertising services and provision of coach station services in Pärnu. The administration, cleaning, maintenance and other support services required by the company are purchased from OÜ Tarbus Kinnisvara.

In its main area of activity, AS GoBus served 191 bus routes in Estonia in 2013; 135 of them were county routes, 28 were long-distance routes, 20 were city routes and eight were municipal routes. The total distance covered on the routes was 8.5 million km, plus the 1.3 million km covered in the course of charter services. 2.2 million passengers were transported during the year (excluding city transport in Pärnu), which comprises 1.9% of the statistical volume of passenger transport in Estonia. The company’s transport volumes did not change significantly compared to 2012.

In 2013 AS GoBus invested 3.7 million euros in renewing its fleet in various regions. Special attention was given to acquiring competitive modern buses and coaches suitable for the provision of charter services and the development of the related sales environment. Eight new buses and coaches were acquired for the provision of charter services.

We will continue investing in the replacement of old equipment in 2014, focussing mainly on the technical requirements established in new public procurements.



    • The predecessor of AS GoBus was Tartu ATP, established on 1 January 1954.
    • In 1991 the City of Tartu gave Tartu Autobussi- ja Taksopark a new name – AS Tarbus.
    • In 2003 Tarbus became the first public transport company in Estonia to receive the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard certificate.
    • The company’s business name has been AS GoBus since 18 November 2005. Formed as a result of the merger of AS Tarbus and seven companies, it remains one of the biggest bus and coach companies in Estonia, with 600 employees and 400 buses and coaches. The purpose of the merger was to guarantee stable development in all regions, optimise the management of the company and implement even service quality all over Estonia.
    • In 2013 AS GoBus renewed its charter fleet by purchasing five new Volvo 9700 and two Scania Irizar coaches. These are the most contemporary buses meeting the strict Euro 5 environmental requirements established in Europe in terms of both emissions and noise levels.
    • AS GoBus plans to increase its share of charter services in 2014, focussing on the Estonian, Scandinavian, Baltic States and St Petersburg markets.
    • In March 2014 the certified audit company Bureau Veritas Certification issued AS GoBus with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate – testament to the company’s commitment to being professional and consistent in its business activities.
    • The company’s future goal is to continue improving its management culture and service quality.

    AS GoBus belongs to AS Go Group, which is Estonian-owned and whose tour operators and transport companies serve thousands of people travel every day.

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